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Norval Morrisseau

Norval Morrisseau is a Canadian Aboriginal artist. His works are admired and appreciated internationally. We are proud to carry his artwork in our gallery. We have several limited edition giclée prints to choose from, or you can purchase an original painting (by request, showing of original art by appointment only).


Family of Birds

“Family of Birds” (available as giclée print)


Flowers and Birds

“Flowers and Birds” (available as giclée print)

Loon Family
Heavenly Brothers

“Heavenly Brothers”  (available as giclée print)

Medicine Bear

“Medicine Bear”  (available as giclée print)

Shaking Tent

“Shaking Tent”  (available as giclée print)

“Loon Family”  (available as giclée print)

Sacred Thunderbird

“Sacred Thunderbird”  (available as giclée print)


“Shaman” (available as giclée print)

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